Capital City Lodge's 80's Dance (2016)
Capital City Lodge 107 and Friends Walking to Stop Diabetes

Capital City appreciates all of its supporters and the work they do with us. Thank you Calandra Coleman and Cassandra McKnight for your support. Though it was a dreary, rainy day, the two of you still came out and walked with Capital City. A true testament of their dedication to our cause. Thanks again Ladies.

Worshipful Master Ronald Bolden, Brother Anthony Streeter and Brother Perry Hall proudly representing Capital City Lodge 107 at the Stop Diabetes Walk. At Capital City Lodge 107, we don't just talk the talk....we walk the walk.

Brother Perry Hall, Worshipful Master Ronald Bolden, Senior Warden Rodney Barnes and Junior Warden Tim Williams are just a few of the Brothers who represented Capital City Lodge 107 at the Richmond Stop Diabetes Walk on October 12, 2013.

Capital City Lodge 107 "Leading" the way at the Richmond Virginia Step Out Diabetes walk. Worhipful Master Ronald Bolden is leading by example and the sky is the limit for Capital City. Great Job Brothers!

Worshipful Master Ronald Bolden presenting Senior Steward Darren Haggins with token of appreciation for his outstanding dedication and work at Grand Lodge Session 2013.

Worshipful Master Ronald Bolden recognizing P.M. Johnny Young before the Brothers of Capital City Lodge 107 on winning treasurer of the year.

Though members of Capital City 107 were recognized at the awards banquet, Worshipful Master Ronald Bolden took a few moments to acknowledge Past Master George Dean's accomplishments before the Brothers of the lodge. Again, Great Job P.M. Dean.

A special thanks goes out to the Brothers of Capital City 107 and friends who volunteered their time at the 25th Annual 2 Street festival. The participation was excellent and I look forward to this type of dedication and commitment with future events. Brothers this type of volunteer work is just one of many ways we are able to afford to be as charitable as we are, as well as let the public see Masons working together in Unity and showing Brotherly Love. Job well done Brothers! W.M. Bolden, S.W. Barnes and J.W. Tim Williams.

Capital City Lodge 107 - Brotherly Love
Capital City Lodge 107 in the House!
26th Masonic District Masters and Wardens Awards Banquet

Past Master Willie Kinsler recieving Capital City 107's Lodge of the Year award for 2010. P.M. Kinsler was Worshipful Master at the time. Congrats!

Past Master Ronald Bolden recieving Capital City 107's award for 26th Masonic District's Lodge of the year for 2011. CONGRATS CAPITAL CITY 107!

Congrats to Past Master George Dean, for being awarded Secretary of the Year for 2011 at the 2013 26th Masonic Districts Masters and Wardens Awards banquet.

Past Master Johnnie Young recieved an award for Treasurer of the Year for 2011. Yes he recieved it a little late but it was still an amazing accomplishment and a testament to the dedication and hard work that comes out of Capital City Lodge 107. Congrats Past!

On Sunday September 22, 2013 the Brothers of Capital City 107 attended the 26th Masonic District's Masters and Wardens Awards Banquet.

Capital City Lodge 107would like to recognize Junior Steward Antonio Steele and Senior Steward Darrin Hagins (Owners and operators of Harmony's Catering) for the excellent work they performed for Capital City 107's Hospitality suite during the 138th Annual Communication. These brothers perpared, setup and even served food to our guests. These Brother's have raised the bar and anyone who visited our hospitality suite can attest to this. If you need a great catering service please contact my thest Brothers at Harmony's (1-443-415-4493). Once again these Brothers did an outstanding job and deserve to be commended. Thanks Brothers and Job Very Well Done!

Congratulations to Past Master George Dean of Capital City Lodge 107 on winning Secretary of the year. P.M. Dean was recognized at the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Virginia's 138th Annual Communication. We at Capital City already knew he was the everyone else does. Job Well Done Past!!!!!

On Friday August 30, 2013 a few Brothers of Capital City Lodge 107 went over to Woodville Elementary to deliver school supplies collected on behalf of the school. This is an annual tradition and is always a huge success. We want to thank all those who contributed including the Brothers, friends and family of our Lodge. In attendance were P.M. Antonio Anderson, Brother Charles General, Sr., Brother Glen Hence, Senior Warden Rodney Barnes, Junior Warden Tim Williams, Junior Steward Antonio Steele and Tyler Dennis Roberts.

P.M. George Dean, S.W. Rodney Barnes, W.M. Ron Bolden, Shelby Stone (scholarship receipient), J.D. Lamar Williams, Brother Perry Hall and J.W. Tim Williams. Brothers giving back in a positive manner.

Brothers of Capital City Lodge 107 giving back...P.M. George Dean, S.W. Rodney Barnes, W.M. Ron Bolden, J.W. Tim Williams, Shelby Stone (scholarship reciepient) and Brother Perry Hall.

Brother Perry Hall with his Great Niece Shelby Stone, receipient of one of Capital City Lodge 107's scholarships. Congrats to the both of you! You can see how proud Brother Hall is and rightfully so!

Worshipful Master Bolden presenting a scholarship on behalf of Capital City Lodge 107 to Shelby Stone who is attending Virginia Union University. Great Job Ms. Stone and keep up the good work!

Worshipful Master Ronald Bolden and Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master Roger C. Brown

When Brothers get together in Unity to promote positive change, its a Beautiful thing.

W.M. Ronald Bolden, Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master Roger C. Brown, Sister Tiawarn Williams (OES) and J.W. Timothy Williams

Brothers and Sisters Worshiping together. The Prince Hall Family.

Grand District Deputy Organizer for District 35 - Brenda Scott, Sister Allison Davis and Sister Tiawarn Williams

We can't leave out the Sisters of the Prince Hall Family, the Order of the Eastern Stars. The Eastern Stars were very well represented at Devine Sunday and as always looking elegant.

J.W. Timothy Williams, P.M. Antonio Anderson, W.M. Ronald Bolden, P.M. Norman Jones, Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master Roger C. Brown, Brother Glen Hence and P.M. George Dean

Capital City had a great showing at Devine Sunday held at Rock Hill Baptist Church. Let us continue to show the world how Mason's love one another....

The Brothers of Capital City 107

On June 29th, 2013 Craftsman 7 held its Summer Jam at the Military Retirees Club. As with all of our events the turnout was great and the atmosphere was mature, fun and exciting. W.M. Ronald Bolden, S.W. Rodney Barnes and J.W. Timothy Williams would like to thank all who participated and contributed to making this event a huge success (Brothers and friend of Capital City Lodge 107 alike). Please continue to support us.

Worshipful Master Willoughby and Worshipful Master Bolden

On June 22, 2013 some of the Brothers of Capital City Lodge 107 took a road trip to Philly to visit our Sister Lodge, Composite Lodge 121, for their annual raising. Composite Lodge always supports Capital City so we wanted to return the love. How good and great it is for Brothers to dwell together in Unity. We were recieved with gracious hospitality by Worshipful Master Willoughby and as always treated as family. Thanks Composite Lodge 121 and we look forward to our next visit.

Capital City and Composite 121 Brothers


We had a great time visiting with Composite Lodge 121. Its always good for Brothers to come together on a positive note and have a great time.

Capital City Brothers at St. John's the Baptist Day 2013: From left to right - P.M. George Dean, S.D. Timothy Williams, Worshipful Master Ron Bolden, J.W. Rodney Barnes and P.M. Norman Jones

Capital City 107 staying active and promoting positive growth. We travel and do things as a Lodge, its how we build unity and brotherhood.

Capital City 107 Past Masters: P.M. George Dean, P.M. Ron Bolden and P.M. Norman Jones

In Capital City 107 our Past Master's are always on hand to provide wisdom and advice. We appreciate all of our Past Master's for all they do.

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