Capital City Lodge #107 was granted its status as a regular lodge at the 29th Communication of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Virginia Free and Accepted Masons.                

This communication was held in the Masonic Association Building, 511 East Clay Street, Richmond, Virginia on Tuesday, December 13, 1904.  (In those days the Grand Lodge Sessions were held in December of each year).  Although Capital City was chartered in October of 1904, the charter, itself, was not awarded until March 29, 1905.


The Grand Master in 1905 was William H. Gaskins, with H. L. Harris as Grand Secretary. A notation from the visitation of Grand Master William H. Gaskins stated that on  
October 31, 1904, he visited an occasional lodge at Richmond and made at site twenty-one (21) candidates; afterwards recommendation was adopted at the 1904 Grand Lodge Session held in Richmond, Virginia …… The Grand East.  The principal officers empowered by the Grand Lodge to conduct the business of the lodge were B. J. Franklin as Worshipful Master, J. H. Binford as Senior Warden, and, F. H. McKenzie as Junior Warden.


In December 1905, the first representative to the Grand Lodge from Capital City was Brother J. H. Binford who filed the following information on Capital City’s first annual report to the Grand Lodge:

Meets in the City of Richmond on the 2nd and 4th Thursday evening of each month at the Masonic Temple, 511 East Clay Street.  Officers:  J. H. Binford, Worshipful Master; T. H. Lee, Treasurer; E. C. Burke, Secretary; Z. D. Lewis, Senior Deacon; P. D. Wilkerson, Junior Deacon;                M. D. Poythress, Chaplain; and, J. M. Garrant, Tiler.  One Past Master was listed ---------------               B. J. Franklin.  Master Masons in the lodge at the time --December 1905 --- were: J. H. Binford, E. C. Burke, N. B. Brown, C. F. Foster, B. J. Franklin, J. M. Garrant, C. B. Gilpin, A. J. Grier,                J. W. Houston, L. T. Hudson, C. A. James, J. E. Jones, T. H. Lee, Z. D. Lewis, Charles Lucas,               F. H. McKenzie, Samuel Miller, William Miller, Paul Morton, B. W. Perkins, M. D. Poythress, W. P. Quarles, C. A. Scott, W. H. Smith, W. J. Washington, P. D. Wilkerson and William Wood.

Capital City has provided the Grand lodge of Virginia with two (2) District Deputy Grand Masters --- Brother George Washington and Brother Landon H. White.  Also, two (2) Grand Masters of Virginia have been members of Capital City, namely, C. B. Gilpin (1921-1923) and Landon H. White (1974-1976).  Grand Lodge officers have also consisted of Rev. J. H. Binford as Grand Chaplain, Past Master James Taylor as Grand Tiler, and presently, Past Master Richard Dotson serving as Worshipful Grand Assistant Treasurer.  Past Master Taylor resides in the City of Richmond and serves as a valuable consultant to the lodge.

Since the granting of its charter, Capital City Lodge #107 has furnished and produced many outstanding masons, including doctors, undertakers, many bankers, insurance executives, ministers, government employees, and more ---- distinguished by their outstanding civic accomplishments. On June 14, 2003, due to their outstanding ability on the football field,

Past Master Kenneth McFadden and Bro. Herbert Allen was inducted into Virginia State University’s Hall and Wall of Fame.  In further recognition of his football abilities, on May 20, 2012, Bro. Herbert Allen was then inducted into Hopewell High School’s Football Hall of Fame.


Capital City members have prestigiously served as leaders of other Masonic Orders:

Bro. James W. Hunt Jr. served as Potentate of Mocha Temple #7 for the insuring year of 1993; Past Master John Bullock served as Most Excellent High Priest of Richmond Chapter #7 Holy Royal Arch Masons from 1995-1997; Past Master Jervon Johnson served as Most Excellent High Priest of Richmond Chapter #7 Holy Royal Arch Masons for the year of 2009; Past Master Johnnie Young also served as Most Excellent High Priest of Richmond Chapter #7 Holy Royal Arch Masons for the year of 2010; and, presently, Senior Warden Roger Munford sustains an active Masonic career with regards to being elevated to the ranking of a 32nd Degree Mason in November 2009; elected to serve as Most Excellent High Priest of Richmond Chapter #7 Holy Royal Arch Masons for the ensuing administrative year of 2012-2013; elected to serve as Commander-in-Chief of Richmond Consistory #22; along with, serving as Potentate of Mocha Temple #7 for the insuring year of 2015-2016.


Also too, two (2) other Past Masters were elevated to an esteem rank of leadership:
Past Master Humphrey Johnson served as Potentate of Mocha Temple #7 for the insuring year of 2009 and Past Master Jesse Lewis served as Potentate of Mocha Temple #7 for the insuring year of 2010.

In August 2011 at the 118th Imperial Session held in Cincinnati Ohio, Bro. Perry Hall received the Honorary Past Potentate Degree in recognition of his untiring work and dedication to the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine Inc. (AEAONMS).  


Before imposing his request of demit, Capital City also had in its ranks a Past Imperial Potentate --- Dr. Earl H. Gray (AEAONMS), 1986-1988.  In its rarity, P.M. Gray held several high offices simultaneously ---- Worshipful Master of Capital City Lodge #107;   High Priest of the Royal Arch Masons; Eminent Commander of the Knights Templar Masons; Commander-in-Chief of the Consistory; and, Potentate of the Mystic Shriners.


Not to be overlooked on our list of distinguished and dedicated members also are:

1.  Christopher F. Foster, who was a charter member, a Past Master, and, lodge secretary for more than twenty-five (25) years.  2. Edward E. Mills, who was a  Past Master and an outstanding lodge secretary who resigned from office in June of 1996 after giving thirty-three years (33) of faithful service. 3. George A. Dean Jr., who was a  Past Master, followed the well-laid foundation that preceded him as a lodge secretary, resigned from office in June of 2016 after giving twenty years (20) of faithful service. 


With great regards to the tenant of brotherly love, Capital City has cemented “sister hood” with lodges of extending jurisdictions: In 1991, Worshipful Master Rudolph Waddell (Capital City #107), Worshipful Master Frank Smith (Composite Lodge #121), Most Worshipful Past Grand Master Landon H. White (Jurisdiction of Virginia) and Most Worshipful Grand Master Herbert Gibbons (Jurisdiction of Pennsylvania) came together and culminated a beautiful “sister hood” between Capital City Lodge #107 of the Jurisdiction of Virginia and Composite Lodge #121 of the Jurisdiction of Pennsylvania.


On October 18, 2009 a delegation consisting of Worshipful Master Tony Liggons, Senior Warden Shawn Fowlkes, Junior Warden Nikia Banks, Senior Deacon Roger Johnson, Junior Deacon Roger Munford, Assistant Treasurer Bro. Perry Hall, Treasurer Past Master Johnnie Young, Past Master Norman Jones, Past Master Waverly Williams, Bro. Timothy Williams, Bro. Patrick Claiborne, , Bro. Dennis Roberts, Bro. Willie Kinsler traveled to Tarboro North Carolina where they were well received by the brethren of Mount Lebanon Lodge #25.  At this meeting, it was motioned by  Past Master Ricky Knight, seconded by Worshipful Master Kenneth Battle and five (5) other brethren to accept Capital City as its “sister lodge”. The motion passed by the usual sign of Masonic voting.  The union of these two (2) lodges was initiated through the friendship of Past Master Johnnie Young (Capital City) and Past Master Ricky Knight (Mount Lebanon).  


On November 17, 2009 a delegation consisting of Worshipful Master Tony Liggons,   Senior Deacon Roger Johnson, Junior Deacon Roger Munford, Assistant Treasurer * Bro. Perry Hall, Treasurer * Past Master Johnnie Young, Past Master Norman Jones, Bro. Jahmal Atkinson and Bro. Willie Kinsler traveled to Chesapeake Virginia where they were well received by the brethren of Brighton Rock Lodge #79.  At this meeting, Capital City was adopted as a “sister lodge” to Brighton Rock Lodge #79.  The union of these two (2) lodges was initiated through the friendship of Worshipful Master Tony Liggons (Capital City) and Past Master Maurice Holland (Brighton Rock).


As with everyone, Capital City too, set new goals and sights for the twenty-first century. It was in the administrative year of Worshipful Master Woodrow Munnerlyn (June 2002-June 2003) whose theme was “Move Capital City Lodge Forward Through Education and Technology” that a Technology Committee was formed.  This committee successfully completed the task of developing and placing Capital City on line at www.capitalcity107.org.  Since its inception, the web site has been updated and modified and is currently located under www.capitalcitylodge107.net.
In July of 2014, a delegation consisting of Worshipful Master Rodney Barnes; Junior Warden Maurion Edwards; Past Masters Ronald Bolden; Leonard Mitchell; Shawn Fowlkes; and Jervon Johnson, traveled to the Jurisdiction of Pennsylvania to give visitation to our sister lodge …..Composite Lodge #121….. whereby, upon arrival, they were greeted and well received by Worshipful Master Vernon Staten, Senior Warden Kevin Hurley, Junior Warden Terrance Washington, Past Master James Willoughby and a host of brethren of the craft.      

It was at this visitation that the two (2) lodges culminated the decision; as a showing of Friendship and Brotherly Love, the same “Great Light of Masonry” (the Holy Bible) will
hereforth be used by each lodge upon Raising a Fellowcraft Mason to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason.


On Wednesday August 12, 2015 we were contact by Mrs. Rhondellyn Keitt informing us of the passing of P.M. John Keitt.  Two days later we were informed that the family was requesting “Masonic Burial Rites”.  Upon receiving the request for burial rites, the Burial Committee began to make preparation to fulfill their request.  A delegation led by W.M. Timothy Williams consisting of P.M. Norman Jones, P.M. George Dean, P.M. Johnnie Young, P.M. Waverly Williams, P.M. Humphrey Johnson, P.M. Shawn Fowlkes, P.M. Antonio Anderson, P.M. Rudolph Waddell, Bro. Willie Evans, and Bro. Larry Hite (hailing from Pocahontas Lodge #7 of the 12th Masonic District) traveled to South Carolina where they were joined by P.M. Rodney Williams (hailing from Offspring Lodge #252 of Miami, Florida) and convened on Tuesday August 18, 2015 to pay last tribute to P.M. John Keitt.

We were well received and accommodated by the family, the funeral officials, the church officials, and the entire South Carolina community. The entire “Home Going” service for P.M. Keitt was done in a highly professional manner whereby Capital City was highly commended for the demeanor in which we conducted ourselves along with being greatly praised for the outstanding presentation of the “Masonic Rites”.


During the 2015-2016 Administrative Year, under the leadership of Worshipful Master Timothy Williams and through the envision and direction of P.M. Antonio Anderson, Capital City gave the most elegant presentation of a Fellow Craft being “Raised” to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason.

In visitation was an outstanding cast of Master Masons hailing from different lodges throughout the 26th Masonic District, the Jurisdiction of Virginia and outside the Jurisdiction of Virginia inclusive were: Most Worshipful Grand Master Roger C. Brown hailing from Lord Hannibal Lodge #327 accompanied by Worshipful Grand Pursuivant Chester Hazelwood, Worshipful Grand Assistant Pursuivant Richard Simpson, Assistant District Deputy Grand Master Willie Wynn Jr. and P.M. Tyron Hinton all hailing from Lord Hannibal Lodge #327; Assistant District Deputy Grand Master Rickey Williams hailing from Edward Jones Lodge #324 W.M. Morris Hicks hailing from Social Lodge #6; W.M. William Franklin, P.M. M. Lowe, Bro. Raymond Allen all hailing from King David Lodge #28; J.D. Lorenza Crowder, P.M. JC Christian, Bro. Casey Lewis all hailing from Richmond Lodge #65; P.M. Glen Motley hailing from Saint James Lodge #128 of the 11th Masonic District; and not to be over looked ….. our sister lodge traveling from the Jurisdiction of Pennsylvania ……...Composite Lodge #121 ……....W.M. Kevin Hunley and his entourage consisting of the Senior Warden, the Junior Warden, three (3) Past Masters (inclusive of P.M. James Willoughby) and two (2) Brethren.


Upon being called to labor to proceed with that day’s “work”, P.M. Antonio Anderson served as Most Excellent King Solomon; P.M. Johnnie Young served as Hiram King of Tye;        
J.D. James Hinton served as the Guard; W.M. Timothy Williams explained the “Working Tools”; S.W. Maurion Edwards explained the “Wearing of the Apron” along with giving explanation on “Approaching the East”; The Seafaring Man was portrayed by Bro. Perry Hall; The First Craftsman was portrayed by S.S. Anthony Streeter; The Second Craftsman was portrayed by Bro. Darren Hagins; The Third Craftsman was portrayed by J. W. Glenwood Hence; The Fourth Craftsman was portrayed by Bro. Wallace Harrison while Jubila was performed by S.W. Maurion Edwards; Jubilo was performed by  W.M. Timothy Williams; and Jubilum was performed by P.M. Ronald Bolden. The remaining “craftsman” consisted of P.M. Jesse Lewis (Capital City Lodge #107), P.M. Rodney Barnes (Capital City Lodge #107), Bro. LaMar Williams (Capital City Lodge #107), P.M. JC Christian (Richmond Lodge #65), P.M. Tyron Hinton (Lord Hannibal Lodge #327), and, Past Master Glen Motley (Saint James Lodge #128 of the 11th Masonic District).

Upon bringing this fabulous work to a conclusion, Assistant District Deputy Grand Master Rickey Williams of Edward Jones Lodge #324 presented the “History”, and P.M. Jesse Lewis of Capital City gave the “Closing Charge”.


At the conclusion of the charge, Bro. Craddock was formally welcomed into our lodge, given a brief explanation of all that had transpired today and truly assured that he was now a Master Mason.

All participants in this administration’s Third Degree Work was “clothed” to give the appearance of the ancient ancestor being portrayed. The beautiful, detailed clothing along with the outstanding performance of all participants (speaking and non-speaking parts) made a strong impression upon Bro. Craddock as well as all others in attendance.

It was in the 2015-2016 Administrative Year that Capital City received several visitations from the Jurisdiction of Virginia’s Grand Master …. The Honorable Roger C. Brown; hailing from Lord Hannibal Lodge #327 of the 26th Masonic District. Because of the composure of the Grand Lodge Administration (at that time), it was perceived that a Grand Master from the Jurisdiction of Virginia would not take place in the foreseeable future. Even after the passing of Past Grand Master Landon H. White in August of 1997 and Past Master Edward E. Mills in August of 2001, their inspirations, their wishes and their beliefs, reside in the hearts, the minds and the practices of our brethren.

                                * Historical Committee *

• P.M. Johnnie Young, Chairman      P.M. Stanley Johnson, Co-Chairman  
• P.M. Richard Dotson                            P.M. Norman Jones 
• P.M. Waverly Williams                       W.M. Maurion Edwards 
                                              June 2016


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