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Welcome Dear Friends of Capital City Lodge #107. We invite you to look around the site and take a look at what we as Prince Masons do for our community. Please tell us what you think, ask questions, make comments or just say hello. 


Thank you you for stopping by and your continued support!


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  • P.M. George A. Dean Jr. (Sunday, November 27 16 02:05 pm EST)

    It's been more than a year since I've posted a "formal" comment in regards to Capital City's website, but rest assure my visit to the website is more frequent than once-a-year. There have been improvements along with updates and those actions are greatly appreciated. Capital City continues to do and accomplish great things within the lodge and throughout the community (too much to name in this short space)and rarely receives its rightful recognition, but continues on doing the things that are felt to be pleasing to HIM!!!! Thanks for maintaining this website in hopes that all others will see our "little light shinning"....Thanks for continuing on with ALL of our good deeds because the smallest of things helps a lot and means a lot ..... whether or not recognition is given is irrelevant... So Mote It Be!!!!

  • PM Stanley Johnson (Sunday, July 31 16 06:02 pm EDT)

    A good start Bro's but change needs to be done under "About Capital City" PM Tim Williams listed as WM.

  • PM Stanley Johnson (Sunday, July 24 16 11:46 am EDT)

    Congratulations to the new Administration

  • P.M. George A. Dean Jr. (Wednesday, January 20 16 12:26 pm EST)

    Congratulations W.M. Timothy Williams as your administration moves forward and upward with your administrative programs. Thanksgiving Basket recipients, Christmas Basket recipients, Operation Santa
    Clause recipients, the Lodge Widows, members-of-the-craft, Students/Teachers/Staff of Woodville School ..... all give unlimited words/cards/letters of gratitude for the unselfish "Acts-of-Kindness"
    that have been shown during the special seasons and on a continuous basis as well. The community is still in "awe" over the presentation, the participation and the participants of the "Praise and
    Adoration Program" and the "Annual Gospel Program" ...... and just when we thought the administration was done, the "First Degree Team" shows up and show out and gives a performance too great for
    wordly expressions and far beyond the viewing delight and expressions of our Most Worshipful Grand Master. There's more to come and I'm sure this administration will meet and exceed the challenges as
    all participants continue to "raise the bar". Again, congrats to all ..... so many worthy brothers which means there's not enough space to give individual names.....yea!!! Capital City Lodge #107
    .... where every brother contributes!!

  • P.M. George A. Dean Jr. (Sunday, September 20 15 02:42 pm EDT)

    Thank-you to the 2015-2016 Administration. Thank-you to the committee that's maintaining this beautiful and informative web site. The delegation represented Capital City extremely well at the "Annual
    Communication" wise as well as socially. It is my hope that this "site" will be ever lasting for it reveals a great deal (not all) of the many, many, many things this lodge and this
    organization gives of its self. To The Committee: Although you may not receive comments on this "Guestbook Page" as much and/or as often as you should, continue to have the desire and the dedication
    to perform the outstanding work that you are doing that ultimately keeps us informed and others enlightened for your works are TALKED about and GREATLY APPRECIATED...P.M. Dean

  • PM Stanley Johnson (Wednesday, September 02 15 01:45 am EDT)

    A great site brothers, I enjoyed browsing and checking out the events I couldn't attend.

  • PM Ron Bolden (Wednesday, July 15 15 07:06 pm EDT)

    Good job updating the website, let the world see what Masons are about and the good work and also the brotherhood. Congrats to the new 2015-2016 administration.

  • Kavin James (Saturday, June 20 15 10:09 pm EDT)

    My brothers! You have done a wonderful job on the website and are to be commended.It is so wonderful to be an active part of this wonderful brotherhood again. I am sure WM Timothy Williams has some
    exciting things in store for this year.

  • Gerald L Whitaker Jr. (Tuesday, June 09 15 06:44 pm EDT)

    Greetings I live in North Chesterfield Va and I plan to start visiting in hopes to find a home. I hail from Hollywood Lodge #92 of the Great state of NY. Please contact me with meeting nights and
    other activities you may be having in order that I may meet the Brothers. Thank you in advance .

  • PM Jesse Lewis (Wednesday, January 21 15 12:20 pm EST)

    Keep up the good work

  • PM Stanley Johnson (Sunday, December 14 14 09:27 pm EST)

    Great web site..however under CC107 have WM Bolden reconizing PM Johnnie Young as Sect of the Year..

  • P.M. George A. Dean Jr. (Monday, November 24 14 04:30 pm EST)

    Congratulations to those who were responsible for this year's "Thanksgiving Project". Everything was well organized and well planned for distribution. The recipients were more than happy to see us
    "Masons" and to received the baskets. Using the "binds" was something new and also something pleasing and good for further use. I hope the many pictures that were taken will be able to be posted so
    that everyone can see the great work that is being done by these dedicated brethren, as a lodge and as an organization. ......... P.M. George A. Dean Jr.

  • WM Rodney D.C. Barnes (Monday, June 23 14 12:55 pm EDT)

    Brother Senior and Junior wardens, you guys do such a great job and I am so honored to be working with the two of you, as well as the entire group of line officers. Together we will make this a great

  • PM Ronald Bolden (Friday, June 20 14 03:28 pm EDT)

    Thanks for updating the website. Pictures are good and the new look of the site is fantastic. Congrats to the new administration, may you be blessed this coming year. Looking for good works this

  • P.M. George A. Dean Jr. * Secretary (Wednesday, May 28 14 10:50 pm EDT)

    Good Evening To Technology Committee: "WOW" I am overjoyed with the new look of the web site. I am truly excited with the ability to clearly read the comments being given. AGAIN, you-all have heard
    and addressed the desires of the craft. AGAIN, enough cannot be said for the true commitment and dedication that's being shown.

    A big "HOORAY" goes out to Bro. Glenwood Hence for the same amount dedication that was given to the publishing of "Capital City's Articles" in the BeeHive. Sorry everyone could not get an
    "individual" copy but all articles were well written which examplified his skills while making known the successful accomplishments and endeavors of CAPITAL CITY LODGE #107!!!!!

  • randy (Friday, March 21 14 07:31 pm EDT)

    Hey, Mr Dean. this is Randy the Teller at the bank. I did receive the card and I truly thank you for it. It is true thoughtfulness can be the greatest blessing of all. I do not have much
    reservations, I am just contemplating about moving back to the Northeast. I am a originally from NY. That is one of the reasons why I have not really tied myself to much in Virginia. You are
    definitely one of the few customers who have a great attitude every time we see you. I have considered your disposition and wondered could it be the fraternity you are apart of. It is good to be
    apart of something that promotes: peace, serenity and a sound mind.

  • PM Michael L. Simms, Sr., Worshipful Master (Tuesday, March 11 14 11:38 pm EDT)

    Awesome job Capital City Lodge No. 107. As I sit in the Worshipful Master Chair for True Level Lodge No. 107 I am reminded of my days as I first entered this awesome fraternity/organization through
    Capital City Lodge No. 107. It is that memory that has help me to become a successful Commander-In-Chief (twice), Worshipful Master, Noble, Grand Inspector General and State Director of Texas KOP
    program. I thank you for the memories, leadership, education and look forward to visiting with you when I come back home. God Bless

  • Belinda W. Urquhart, Principal (Thursday, February 20 14 12:58 am EST)

    Walnut Hill Elementary School
    300 W. South Boulevard
    Petersburg, Virginia 23805
    (804) 862-7004 Fax: (804) 861-4032

    February 20, 2014

    Dear Members of the Capital City Lodge 107,
    We the faculty, staff and students of Walnut Hill Elementary School would like to say Thank You! We would like to thank the members of the Capital City Lodge 107 for their support with our recent
    Krispy Kreme donut fundraiser. The members of your organization sold 40 boxes of donuts during our school fundraiser. We sincerely appreciate your support.
    The funds from this fundraiser will be used to assist in financing the Field Day for Walnut Hill Elementary students to be held in June. We will also use some of these funds for ongoing incentives
    for our students for positive behavior reinforcement and academic success.
    Once again, thank you for supporting the students of Walnut Hill Elementary School. With the help of people like you, we can “Build a Better World, One Student at a Time.”

    Belinda W. Urquhart, Principal

  • PM Leonard Mitchell (Wednesday, February 12 14 04:05 pm EST)

    Good evening brother's of Capital City......wanted to shout out the technology committee for doing a find job with the website.... Job well done.....keep up the good work

  • James Hinton (Sunday, November 17 13 03:51 am EST)

    Good day JW,
    I would like to have a hard copy of the picture that you have as the opening for the website. The administration for the 2013-2014 fiscal year

  • James Hinton (Sunday, November 17 13 03:41 am EST)

    Greetings Brethen of the Craft,
    I had the opportunity to view some of your pictures on the web site. GREAT JOB.
    wILL visit again. Bro. James Hinton

  • P.M. George A. Dean Jr. (Thursday, October 17 13 06:55 pm EDT)

    Greetings Technology Committee: Each time I look at this web site, it's as if it's my very first time. I get very excited and find myself re-visiting the entire site. Can't find any new words for the
    great work, true dedication and outstanding representation that you all continue to show towards Capital City and the entire Prince Hall Masonic Organization. With that being said (and I could go on)
    ... THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU!!!!! Fraternally.

  • J.W. Tim Williams (Sunday, October 13 13 11:02 am EDT)

    Brothers of Capital City 107,thank you for the excellent participation during the 2013 Diabetes Walk. Once again we showed the world how Brothers should Love one another.

  • J.W. Timothy Williams (Monday, October 07 13 05:29 pm EDT)

    Capital City Brothers, thanks for the great participation at the 2013 26th Masonic District's Masters and Wardens Awards Banquet. Our numbers confirm that we are truly a strong Lodge with unlimited

  • PM Ronald Bolden, Worshipful Master (Wednesday, September 18 13 08:01 am EDT)

    Again congrats to PM George Dean for being selected Secretary of the year for the state of Virginia it is well deserved. Gongrats also to Senior Steward Hagins and Junior Steward Steele as I said
    before you two have set the bar very high. I am impressed by your dedication to the craft, you guys were raised just last March and you hit the ground running. Junior Warden Timothy Williams you also
    should be commended for your work with the Stewards. Once again Capital City's light continues to shine brightly and i am proud to have all of you on my line during my administration. Also Congrats
    to PM Johnny Young for being nominated for Treasurer of the year even though you didn't win you are in our hearts and minds. I am proud to be your Worshipful Master this year and look forward to even
    greater things as we move forward. Capital City Lodge #107continues to show UNITY!!!! Past Master Ronald Bolden, Worshipful Master

  • P.M. George A. Dean Jr. (Sunday, September 15 13 09:45 pm EDT)

    Many thanks for the posting of my accomplishment. I could not have qualified for this award had it not been for the continuous support and cooperation of our entire membership along with the support,
    understanding and assistance of my wonderful wife and daughter.

    A big congrats to the delegates for their active roles and dedication to their duties at the 138th Annual Communication. You all set the example for "delegate performance".

    It's hard to find expressions beyound "THANKS" for the superb job done by Bro. Darrin Hagins and Bro. Antonio Steele. The set up and functioning of the hospitality ROOMS was to perfection. All guest
    could not believe the efforts and the dedication of two "new" brethren; however, we could .... that's CAPITAL CITY.

    Again, a BIG PERSONAL THANK YOU along with a HUGH CONGRATULATION on raising Capital City to yet another level .... Fraternally, P.M. George A. Dean Jr.

  • Tyrone Harris (Wednesday, July 31 13 01:08 pm EDT)

    Greetings brethren, I'm am SD Tyrone Harris hailing from Commonwealth #81, looking forward to fellowship in the near future

  • Timothy Williams (Sunday, June 30 13 05:58 pm EDT)

    Brothers of Capital City, once again we have put on another successful fund raising dance. I love my Lodge and Love My Brothers. Keep it up!

  • Timothy Williams (Sunday, June 23 13 08:49 pm EDT)

    Brothers, thanks for a great road trip to Philly. One of the most fun trips I've ever taken. Lets keep moving forward in Unity.

  • WM Bolden (Sunday, June 23 13 04:56 pm EDT)

    Again great work by JW Williams and the technology committee,the lodge is on point and heading HIGHER! Thanks to all the Brothers who traveled to Philly as well as Worshipful Master Williouby and
    Composite Lodge who as always showed us brotherly love as well as good Masonic work also Bro Petersen from Abraham lodge in Petersburg who traveled with PM Humphrey Johnson can't forget PM Lewis my
    riding partner.

  • P.M. George A. Dean Jr. (Sunday, June 16 13 10:45 am EDT)

    Many, Many, Many THANKS to the "Technology Committee" for continuing to be on point with this beautiful, magnificent, informative web site. This site is a mark of true dedication that indicates to
    all brethren throughout all jurisdictions along with the general community that Masons, Brethren, and Members-of-the-Craft "can dwell with one another in unity."

  • WM Ronald Bolden (Saturday, June 15 13 03:36 pm EDT)

    Bro Junior Warden Williams great job on getting website changed for new administration look forward to along side you and SW Barnes.

  • eastwood auto insurance (Sunday, May 12 13 03:33 am EDT)

    Fraternal greetings from North Star Lodge #322, Owen Sound, Ontario. I was searching the name North Star Masonic Lodge and found your web site. Good job Brothers excellent site. One day I would like
    to enjoy your fellowship. Todd Ramsay Junior Deacon,North Star Lodge #322,Owen Sound,Ont

  • P.M. George A. Dean Jr. (Thursday, May 02 13 05:51 pm EDT)

    This continues to be anuplifting, inspirational website. Whenever a time is needed to reflect, and or be recharged for the purpose/mission of our lodge and Prince Hall Masonry in general .... I pull
    up this website and viewing that wonderful crowd on that beautiful Sunday does it all. Continue the good work, hope you maintaine the dedication.

  • Beke (Sunday, April 28 13 05:53 pm EDT)

    Howdy, Brethren! You folks really have a lot to be proud of here. This is a wodnreful website that is easy to navigate and learn from, Mason or not. I hope to visit your Lodge sometime in the future.
    Where is Millbrook 97? How bout a link with your address, directions to welcome out-of-towners? Did I miss it? I found a picture of the Lodge with the road number but not road name. Again, really
    nice sight. In the Brotherhood, Phil Williams, Pendleton 418

  • WM Leonard Mitchell 3rd (Tuesday, March 19 13 06:07 pm EDT)

    Greeting member's of the craft and to all visitors of the site.... I WM Leonard Mitchell 3rd want to first thank the 3rd degree team on a job well done. I really enjoyed myself during the raising.
    Everyone gave 100%..... And to the Craftman #7 committee....I tip my hat off to you guys on making our March dance a success.... thanks to all....and may the Great Light continue to shine over
    Capital City Lodge #107

  • Michael L. Simms, Sr., State Director (Texas KOP) (Tuesday, March 19 13 03:10 pm EDT)

    When I first came into masonry it was Capital City Lodge#107 that accepted me and help train me to be the mason I am today. You never forget where you were raised. Keep up the outstanding work my
    brothers as always. I found greatness in Capital City Lodge.

  • Brother Benigno Pernell Hurst Sr (Saturday, February 23 13 10:11 am EST)

    WM, Wardens, Brothers, of Capital City Lodge 107. First I would like to commend the technology committee on the very well designed website. It flows very well and is very easy to navigate which will
    ensure much use in years to come. Continue the great work, "Let the world see how Masons Love One Another".

  • Past Master George Dean Jr. (Monday, February 18 13 04:45 pm EST)

    Due to work, I missed the "First Degree" work. Made a sacrafice and was blown away by the entire "Second Degree" work. I can't be paid any amount or have anything come in the way of being at the
    "Third Degree Raising". Everytime we think the "bar" can't be raised, the Degree Teams come up with something new, different and informative.

    GREAT JOB!!!! See you on Sat. March 16th ... High Noon .... Can't Wait!!!!

    Still Loving This Site!!!!

  • WM Leonard Mitchell 3rd (Saturday, February 09 13 07:20 pm EST)

    Greeting to all members of Capital City Lodge #107, family, friends and visitors if this site. I first want to give thanks to the Great Architect of the Universe, because
    through him all things are possible. Second, I want to give to give two thumbs up to our Technology Committee for doing such a find job on this website. Your dedication and hard work has really paid
    off.....and really shows the true meaning of " Masonic Brotherhood" which is the bond that holds our craft together; the solemn pledge which we have vowed to one another; and the ability of all
    Masons to work together toward a common vision. It is the adhesive which holds all that is dear to us together. " Let us never forget that a Mason has the patience of a saint in hardship; the
    tenacityof a bulldog in adversity; the courage of a lion when aroused; and the chivalry of a Knight in all of his dealings.

  • Past Master George Dean (Wednesday, January 16 13 09:41 am EST)

    Greetings to the committee: 160 characters is not nearly enough to express the beauty and delight of this web site. This site gives a glimpse of our lodge but magnifies the great work and the true
    dedication of our membership. The committee deserves high regards for a great display of Prince Hall Masonry.

  • Kavin James (Tuesday, January 01 13 09:17 pm EST)

    Tim...great job with the website! Well done my brother...well done!

  • Keisha (Saturday, December 29 12 08:36 pm EST)

    Hidden talents huh! Great Job Mr. Williams

  • Minister Krissy L. Anderson (Saturday, December 29 12 07:35 pm EST)

    To some of the most loving and giving men I know. Thank you for all you do!! So glad to be a part of your activities! I consider you my brothers!!!

  • Alvin Trotman (Friday, December 28 12 11:55 pm EST)

    A good work.

  • Carla Fleming (Friday, December 28 12 08:33 pm EST)

    Love the page. Great job.

  • Chandra (Friday, December 28 12 12:03 pm EST)

    Tim Williams this is great.....Capcity does great things. Really enjoyed the functions I attended. Especially, the Crab Feast....will definately attend more functions.

  • Renalda (Thursday, December 27 12 12:19 pm EST)

    Great Website! It is a pleasure to see a group of Black Men take the initiative, work in harmony, give their time and resources to the community. I've enjoyed any event I had the privilege to attend.
    KUDOS to Capital City Lodge 107 - KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  • PM Stan Johnson (Wednesday, December 26 12 10:19 am EST)

    I'm glad to see the "Under Construction" signs go away..Great Job, Bro' Williams
    5P Certified..

  • PM Willie Kinsler (Sunday, December 23 12 05:05 pm EST)

    Commitment and dedication are attributes being displayed among our members. Bro. Tim Williams please continue your efforts in helping Capital City light shine!

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